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Short Term Coverage
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Individual & Family International Medical Plans
Short-term Medical coverage for individuals traveling outside their home country. Coverage from 5 days to 12 months for United States citizens traveling overseas, non-US citizens visiting the United States, international travelers requiring continuing coverage.
(coverage may be restricted in US protected territories - call for details)

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International Medical Group (IMG): Patriot Travel Medical Insurance
Medical, Air Ambulance, Trip Interruption, Terrorism, Repatriation

Get A Quote for RoundTrip Travel   Since 1990, International Medical Group has built a solid reputation by providing Medical security to hundreds of thousands of individuals and families in more than 150 countries. IMG presents a unique, full-service approach to the international vacationers, expatriates, business executive, missionary groups, professional entertainers and athletes, students, and local and third country nationals. Our complete portfolio of products allows our clients access to worldwide quality healthcare and IMG's superior customer service.

Not available in US Protected Territories

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Offshore Health Benefits, LTD
International Medical Insurance and Air Ambulance for Expatriates

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